Change it up!

Just like the header of my blog (did ya notice, no more Big Sur?!?), its always good to change things up, keep them interesting and branch out!

I know the header of my blog isn’t THAT big a change but its a perfect example of my point. When I started the blog I wanted a peaceful, natural image and that was the best one I had. The image was shot by one of my colleagues, Vince Piecyk, and I always meant for it to be temporary. The newest image I’ve added was also shot by Vince but the colors, life and natural feel of the flowers/foliage resonate strongly with my personality and the message I’m trying to send. For me, there is still a sense of peace in the chaos!

Finding peace and happiness in the chaos of life is exactly what I strive for and I find that keeping things interesting, by changing it up, helps me accomplish just that.

There are so many ways you can make little changes in life to keep things interesting. In my opinion, we all are guilty of becoming complacent in our routines and could stand to spice it up a bit.

Whether its a change in your workout routine, a change in the color you paint your nails, a change in the cuisine you choose when dining out, whatever…just change it up!


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