Making Moves

In life, change is inevitable. For some, change is exciting: the prospect of moving into a new space, starting a new job, entering a new relationship, or growing up is an opportunity for a fresh start! For the rest, change is daunting: the idea of anything outside the daily routine is simply an invitation for chaos.

For the former folks, congratulations!!! Its wonderful to approach such things with an open mind and an open heart! To the rest, I feel your pain, haha! While I would like to say I handle change with ease and grace, its more like an anxious fool bumbling in the dark!

Alas, I can’t fight the inevitable, so I either need to adapt or die (I swear, I am not dramatic in the least)! One of the ways I try and be more open minded about change is looking at the positive side – “how is this going to positively effect my life?” Its much easier to worry about all the little things that will be different, that will require adjustment, and that might not work out, instead of being excited for the positive outcomes down the road.

Don’t be afraid to make moves! Look on the bright side, you could just be standing still!


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