Worth waiting


As admitted in previous posts, patience is not my strong suit. When it comes to most things in life, you have to wait: wait in line, wait your turn, wait to start, wait for love, or in this case wait for flowers to bloom.

I have two orchids in my apartment which have been bloomless since last spring. The previous beautiful, unique blooms that had adorned my plants died and I’ve spent the past year crossing my fingers, watering with love and hoping they would return.

I can say with great joy that one of my plants has finally bloomed: the stems shot up, the buds burst open and the gorgeous flowers appeared!

As I admired their beauty, I couldn’t help but remember all the times you wanted to toss the plant! I would think to myself this “thing is ugly” “it’s never going to bloom again” “what am I doing with this plant?”

Just like anything else worth waiting for in life, I’m glad I was patient and waited for the blooms. It may seem stupid to some but that’s the reason orchids could be considered one of my favorite flowers. I don’t find them to be any more beautiful than a lot of other flowers; however, I am impressed by their resilience, the length of time they wait to produce the perfect flower and the length of time they hold their bloom.

The orchid reminds me that life and all it’s little joys are worth the wait. When doubt creeps in my mind or frustration begins to mount, I see the orchid out of the corner of my eye and remember…patience!

Anything great is worth the wait…!


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