Important Few

As individuals, we each possess special talents, aptitudes, strengths, weaknesses, insecurities, annoyances, etc…

Our uniqueness determines the people or areas of interest we dedicate our focus – for many of us, that can be in several different directions. In my own life I find I am constantly ‘spreading myself too thin,’ as the expression goes, in attempt to get everything in. There is just so much I want to do and it has to be RIGHT NOW!

The result is growing resentment towards obligations taking time away from other areas of interest, stress over meeting deadlines or fulfilling obligations and often times exhaustion from lack of sleep and self care. All of this is plain NO GOOD and the reality is it doesn’t all need to happen RIGHT NOW – life is a long time!

While its presenting as a larger challenge than initially anticipated, I have set my mind to listing 6 main areas of importance in my life. In order to achieve success in anything, there needs to be clarity and focus. When there is a storm of activity swirling around, its often times hard to achieve.

There will be time in life for things other than the ‘important few’ but they need to come first and command my focus if I am to find fulfillment, balance, success and most importantly happiness!

Find your important few, write them down and remind yourself daily!


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