Surprise yourself

Are there certain things you tell yourself you can’t do? Sure, sure not all of us can be Olympic athletes or brain surgeons but there are things within the scope of our reach that we deny ourselves because “we can’t do that.”

I am a self proclaimed technotard. I could try and define my trademarked term but I think it’s fairly self-explanatory. ANYWAY, I set up my first computer today! I can tell you technology quite literally freaks me out. I’m afraid I will break something every time I touch a computer and 9 out of 10 times I do. Today I needed to set up a new computer for work and our IT associate (and personal good friend) was working from home. Now, if asked, she would tell you I didn’t set ANYTHING up I just plugged in a computer but I digress…

The point is that I took on something I “couldn’t do” and did it. We won’t get into the fact I knocked the monitor port into the computer by accidentally unscrewing it trying to plug in the cord because in the end, that sucker was up and running!

We always tell ourselves we can’t do something. Instead of saying “I can’t” why not give it a try and surprise yourself!


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