Super Slaw


As a kid, I hated coleslaw! The look, smell and general idea of it made sick to my stomach! Looking back, the mayo laden, questionably safe to eat from sitting in the sun for hours examples I had as a kid might make anyone sick!

Recently, I have taken slaw off my list of least favorite foods and I can’t get enough! Traditional coleslaw is plain limiting compared to the potential versatility of this shredded side. If you’re like me and never been a huge coleslaw fan, give this recipe a try and see if you come over to the slaw side!

There is a little bit of everything in this sweet and spicy slaw but the best part is how delicious, nutritious and low in calories it is! Traditionally a side, this slaw is versatile enough to be eaten as a main dish and still provide you with all the protein, vitamins and minerals needed from a complete meal.

You’ll need 3c. shredded cabbage, 1c. shredded carrots and 1c. shredded broccoli stems. You’ll also need an apple cored and chopped, a chopped bell pepper, 1tbsp. fresh ginger, 1 can strained black beans, 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar, 1tbsp. soy sauce, lime juice, cilantro, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper to taste. Toss it all together, throw it in your fridge and you’re all set!

Alone or as a side with your favorite protein, give it a try and see if you’ll become a slaw lover too!

For a great way to get more veggies, eat slaw…enjoy!


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