‘Do You!’

Energy is contagious! Whether its anxiousness before a race, excitement during a show, awe when staring at something majestic or love when celebrating an anniversary, there is no denying the human tendency to adapt to the energy of environments around them.

As positive and uplifting as this can be, especially with the examples listed above, it can be equally detrimental when you’re surrounded by stressful, negative or depressing energies. I am a big proponent of surrounding yourself with positivity, happiness, inspiration and people of similar ilk, but you can’t always control your environment.

When it comes to certain office or group environments, negative energies can be pervasive. Admit it, if the people around you are complaining about how stressful things are, how awful the weather is, how annoying their client is, etc.. it begins to change your outlook a little. The trick, when you notice the negative energy starting to spread, is to nip it in the bud and focus on yourself. You can’t allow yourself and your happiness to be drug down by others around you.

By acknowledging negativity and making an effort to avoid it, you may not be able to change everyone’s energy but at least you can ‘do you!’

Do you and stay positive!


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