Pocket Perfect

pitaAs the weather gets nicer, I try to spend less time in the kitchen and more time outside. To that end, I also  try to take my lunch outside and soak up some of those afternoon rays. With both in mind, I present you with the perfect pocket!

Hot or cold, a roasted vegetable stuffed whole wheat pita pocket is perfect for outdoor dining with minimal prep work. If the portability wasn’t appealing enough, the power packed in this pocket from all the yummy vegetables and feta cheese should do the trick!

With under 350 calories this vitamin and mineral loaded lunch will keep you satisfied and energized through your afternoon.

roastedRoast off your favorite veggies (today’s favorites: portobello mushrooms, bell peppers, sweet onions, cherry tomatoes and asparagus) @ 400. The asparagus, cherry tomatoes and portobellos will take less time than the onions and peppers(10-15 minutes vs 20-25 depending on size), so if you can, put them on different pans. Lightly coat the veggies in extra virgin olive oil, salt/pepper and a little balsamic vinegar. One everything has roasted and cooled, slice the larger items, add some fresh herbs and reduced fat feta cheese.

When lunch rolls around, either heat veggies or stuff your pita cold for a filling, fortified meal you can take anywhere….just be careful of on the go overstuffing, haha!

Grab a perfect pocket….enjoy!


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