Cleansing Clarity

Feeling overwhelmed? Perhaps feeling a little like there is more going on than you could possibly keep track of? Trust me…I can relate!

If you begin to feel like life is stacking itself higher and higher, take a look around you – can  the same be said about your surrounding space? Often times our space, work or home, reflects the way we feel.

When work feels overwhelming, I take a look around and there is usually just stuff…EVERYWHERE! No, I am not talking empty food container/coffee stained papers status but definitely not the most conducive environment for organization or clarity – two musts when you’re trying to get things done!

In your personal and professional life its always important to cleanse! I talk a lot about taking care of yourself and feel cleansing your space is just as important as your cleansing your mind and body!

Whether its clearing clutter around your desk/office, cleansing your wardrobe of unworn clothing, parting with knick knacks simply taking up space or really cleaning your home, take the time.

Sure you could be busy doing other things but by taking the moment to clear away, you may reveal something you’ve been missing!

Cleanse for a little clarity…


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