Rethink your routine!

With Spring in full swing, gyms are packed with active adults trying to tone up before the coming beach season! Whether you’re an all year round exercise addict or someone who exercises just when necessary, consider the following five as ways to get more out of each gym session.

1. Breathing: During weight training, tough intervals, yoga, and even cardio, wayyy too many people hold their breath. Focusing on proper breathing through your workout can help get you push through harder sets. Paying attention to your breath can keep your mind and muscles calmer by flooding them with oxygen. Breathing is essential to maximizing your workout potential!

2) Skipping warm-up/cool down or stretching: Its essential to allow your body to set up for and recover from workouts. Jumping right into exercise can spike your heart rate and give you nothing to build towards resulting in a shorter work out. Similarly, going from 60 to 0 results in your heart rate suddenly dropping and not getting all the benefits of your hard work. Also, actively stretching before and after working out is KEY to preventing injury, quick muscle recovery and overall better muscle health.

3) Don’t get Stuck: A lot of people get so obsessed with their routine and forget to mix it up. Even worse, exercise can become so habit driven that if something in the day throws off your routine, you’ll skip the work out entirely. Keep it interesting by taking a series of different classes throughout the week or try different types of circuit training on your own. Also, if you miss a class because of a meeting, or a last minute dinner date, have a work out back up plan – even if it isn’t as intense as your normal routine, its better than skipping all together.

4) Fuel for Success: Making sure your body has want it needs before, during and after a work out is paramount to seeing results. Giving your body fuel before cardiovascular activity, 90 minutes into activity and within 30 minutes after will ensure your body gets the most out of each workout. When your body doesn’t have the fuel it needs, it turns to breaking down muscle tissue, NOT FAT, for energy.

5) Hydrate: Before, During and After activity, proper hydration is a must! Life requires proper hydration but when you’re active, your body needs that much more. Its recommended an individual consume 16oz of water before beginning activity and 8oz for every 20 minutes of activity throughout the session.

Try and incorporate one or all five of these workout tips into your routine and see if things improve!


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