Seared with a kiss!


Struggling to get that perfect sear on a scallop? Just give it a kiss…of sea salt that is!!!

I think one of the coolest things in culinary, aesthetically speaking, is a well seared scallop! There’s something about a crisp crust on the outside of the delicate flesh of this decadent sea creature that’s plain gorgeous to me!

Seared scallops are great in pastas, salads, pizza, as a stand alone etc… but some people have trouble working with them. Shown here atop a bed of lemony arugula with some garlic chevre and roasted almonds for crunch, these versatile mollusks are rich in B12 and omega-3s which helps support cardiovascular health.

To get that great sear I mentioned, simply place a pan on your stove and set the heat to med-high. Let the pan get really hot and don’t grease it. Place the scallops on a kitchen towel or paper towel to absorb as much moisture as possible. Kiss both sides with some sea salt and slap those suckers down on the screaming hot pan! After about a minute, turn the heat down to medium and place a small pad of butter in the pan. Let the butter melt around the scallops and  pan. Tilt the pan to one side slightly and spoon the buttery liquid back atop the scallops to cook them through. After doing this two or three times, turn the heat off and carefully flip the scallops. They should pick up off the bottom rather easily and you should be left with the lovely crust shown above.

Crank up the heat, give a little kiss and you’re all set….enjoy!


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