Yoga Lunch

Today is the first day of yoga @ lunch! A coworker and I organized a once a week yoga hour and I am so excited for the first one!

Admittedly I probably did less than Frank but we’ve been kicking this idea around for the better part of 5 months, so I’m thrilled its finally happening!

As I am not a teacher yet and neither is he, we have an instructor coming in to lead the group in some spirited flow and calming meditation as a little mid-day, nearly end of the week treat!

While I know not everyone has the flexibility to organize a yoga lunch hour, I’m sure taking five minutes to stretch, get some fresh air and decompress is a reasonable possibility.

The benefits of sunshine, fresh air, movement and release are immeasurable and can undoubtedly make you more productive through the latter part of your day!

I plan to post later about how everything went, with pictures of some of my lovely coworkers but I was so excited I couldn’t wait!


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