Workshop in out

Nourish Storm Taking a step outside your comfort zone can lead to some awesome self discovery! With a little inspiration from the ladies of Nourishing Storm (left:Kristin Ritter -Founder, Director of Wellness & Yoga Instructor/right:Kate McGlasson- Yoga Instructor), I attended my first yoga workshop!

While the rest of Philadelphia was outside enjoying the beautiful spring day, we packed our mats into the sticky Walnut St. Dyanna Yoga studio to go upside down and inside out with the internationally recognized Tiffany Cruikshank.

I was nervous, excited and totally didn’t know what to expect! Tiffany is sweet, funny and incredibly knowledgeable! Her accessible approach to yoga and the ease with which she gracefully glides into poses was totally inspiring but also highlighted something I know already – I have A LOT to learn!!

While the three hours were tough, sweaty and sometimes a little painful I walked away renewed and inspired! I was totally scared  – “what if I’m the least experienced in the class?” “what if I fall on someone?” “what if I can’t handle it?” – but I allowed myself to recognize those fears and move past them! The things I learned are tools I can bring to my everyday practice but the inspiration/empowerment I gained from doing something I was uncomfortable with is far more valuable!

Step outside your comfort zone and be inspired!


2 thoughts on “Workshop in out

  1. Yes, it was such an inspiring day- so glad we could experience the practice together. I had the same fears for sure, but now that it is over, I feel good that we faced them head on (literally) and enjoyed the night in the city! Here is to our next Yoga workshop- what is next?

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