She’s got the look

She's got the look

I came across this on facebook not too long ago and became mildly obsessed…I would love to hear your thoughts!

If you don’t recognize them, the trio on the bottom are Victoria Secret Models – iconic symbols of sex and beauty, right? …yea, not so much!

I don’t look like either set of women but find the top tier much more attractive than the emaciated looking women below.

As a culture we obsess over this unhealthily thin idea of beauty that is next to impossible for most women to achieve instead of obsessing over self love and healthy habits!

Shifting focus towards embracing your body type, eating healthfully and being active will always lead to your most beautiful self!

Don’t subscribe to the hype…LOVE every inch of the beautiful body with which you’ve been blessed!


6 thoughts on “She’s got the look

  1. I appreciate your intention, but thin-shaming is no better than fat-shaming. I get that the massive thigh gap of the model in the middle comes across as a bit alarming, but she is still beautiful. There is nothing wrong with being thin. I recently wrote a post on body shaming that relates if you are interested. It’s called “Somebody, Somewhere, Hates Your Body”. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I’m not shaming being thin or being heavy here -so sorry if that’s how you interpret what I wrote! Being thin is nothing to be ashamed of if that’s how you’re built. I was going to add that caveat but never thought anyone would take it that route-I guess you proved me wrong! I will happily read your post and hope you will notice the focus of this blog entry is SELF LOVE no matter your size!


  2. Want (one) male’s perspective? You’re getting it either way: Guys want women that are proud of their bodies, no matter if they are emaciated (hate that look personally, like literally makes me want to vomit), plus-sized, or somewhere in the middle. If you are happy with it, that is a huge turn-on. Listening to girls talk about how upset they are about what they look like is often a deal breaker for guys that aren’t interested in one-night-stands. You always hear men say, “I love curves,” but have you ever heard a male say, “I hate curves?” I’m sure someone has said it once in history, but not very often. I consider myself a (relatively) normal mid-20’s male and almost all of my coworkers, friends, aquaintances, are major fans of curves. #SelfLove

  3. I do not agree with forcing thinness as an ideal. It’s not good for anyone to be told that their body isn’t right the way it is. And it is for this reason that I hate the “this is hotter than this!” memes. Not only is body comparing and body shaming NOT OK EVER (I don’t care how anorexic looking a model is. Shaming her is wrong), these memes only continue to promote the idea that a woman’s only worth is her body and her value lies in how attractive it appears to the straight male. It is alarming to me that many women buy into the “curves are hotter than bones” movement in the name of self-esteem. Do they not realize what these movements are really saying? Yes, curves are good. These is nothing wrong with having a large bosom and wide hips. There is equally nothing wrong with having a small bosom and narrow hips. All women are real women, and all women are people. Even women who are unhealthy.

    Remember: there is no correct or “normal” body type. Normal is only a setting on a dryer.

    1. Thanks for your comment and passion for the topic! I genuinely think you’re missing the point of these campaigns but again, appreciate your passion.
      You’re right the comparison of one vs. the other isn’t right (though its reality) but the point is to empower young women who don’t look like the medias perfection of beauty. Perhaps the ‘hotter than’ text is the wrong approach but I firmly stand by the message.

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