Breathe Deeper

How many of us have been told to take a deep breath when we’ve been sad, angry, stressed or anxious? Does it work? I don’t know about right away but for me, focusing on taking a deep, full breath works wonders to calm me down.

To be perfectly honest, I really never tapped into the power of my breathing before I got into my yoga practice. One of the big elements of practice is breathing fully and deeply – allowing your breath guide and give you strength throughout your practice. Sounds silly to some but skeptics beware, there is definitely some truth here.

Deep breathing – slower, fuller, more intentional inhales and exhales – allows your body to release toxins, floods your brain with oxygen to provide clarity, calms your muscles easing temporary pain or discomfort and a whole host of other healthy benefits.

Don’t knock it ’til you try it!

Breathe deeper to get more out of yourself and your day!


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