Totally Baked


Just because I don’t like the high calorie, high fat content that comes with frying food in oil, doesn’t mean I don’t crave the amazingly crispy crunch and soft center of a good sweet potato fry!

Baking is a great alternative to frying certain foods when you want to achieve the same texture without all the saturated fat and extra calories!

Baked sweet potato fries, baked tofu and some goat cheesy mixed veggies makes for a rich, filling, healthy, low calorie meal!

I par boil the peeled and sliced sweet potatoes for a few minutes, drain and let cool. Instead of using oil I brush these fries with a little honey and season with salt, pepper, rosemary and cayenne. Bake @ 375 until they start to crisp up (about 15 minutes).

On that same pan I lay some sliced, similarly seasoned tofu to crisp up! The key here is to get rid of as much excess moisture as possible (so press between kitchen towels before seasoning and baking).

Rounding out the plate is a big pile of mixed veggies…cooked using stock from earlier in the week instead of oil. Adding a little goat cheese at the end really makes this sassy meal saucy and delicious.

Just like everything livingleen this meal is nutrient packed, low calories, high protein and fabulous for you!

Get totally baked…enjoy!!!


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