Dance on!

Dance on!

Wondering if this is actually edible? Believe it or not, it is! Whats more, its delicious and amazing for you!

Not commonly found in your grocery store, maitake mushrooms hail from Asia. You can usually find these guys dancing around your local farmers market or specialty foods store. Maitake mushrooms have a more intense, earthy flavor than some of your more commonly consumed fungi. The name is Japanese for “dancing mushroom” and you’ll wanna do just that when you hear the numerous health benefits!

Their delicious flavor is only topped by its terrific health benefits. The unique combination of minerals, nutrients and vitamins in Maitake mushrooms are known to fight cancer/tumor growth, support immune functions, boost white blood cell activity, regular blood sugar, lower blood pressure and even aid in weight loss when added to your diet.

Give the dancing mushrooms a try and see if you can get into the groove….enjoy!!!


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