Change the trend!

“Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” Has anyone else heard this expression? Have you ever thought it, or said it to someone, when the urge to overindulge arose?

I will admit I used to repeat that like it was my mantra when I wanted to eat greasy fries, a salty soft pretzel or any other delectable indulgence I had convinced myself I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to eat.

I was a young, insecure girl who felt like my worth was measured by my weight – mostly because all the girls around me did as well! Instead of focusing on putting healthy foods into my system and fueling my body to be its best, I was consumed by the act of deprivation.

I changed my own perspective and I hope to help start a new trend: “Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.” I still don’t eat greasy fries (maybe a few every now and then) but the reasoning is different.

Eating healthfully makes me feel better, function more efficiently and more pleasant to be around. Whats more, I find fresh foods far more satisfying!

Change the trend…


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