Back on the horse!

Fallen into a fitness slump? Skipped a yoga practice…or three? Eaten one too many frozen dinners this week?

Sometimes life can get in the way of our best intentions to be healthy, happy versions of ourselves. The ease of loafing after a long day is much more inviting than slipping into sneakers and hitting the gym or standing over the stove to make a meal.

Don’t get me wrong, its not a bad thing to give yourself a break once and awhile but when that break turns into a week or two, you’ve officially hit a slump!

Forget it! Give up! If you’ve already off track whats the point of jumping back on, right? WRONG!!!

No matter if its a day, a week or a month of neglecting your good habits, its NEVER too late to get back into your routine!

Don’t stop trying to be the best possible version of yourself! Even if you’ve stumbled a bit…get back on the horse!


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