Intentionally Inspired

When I started to get into my yoga practice one of my favorite classes was Tuesday evening. The instructor, Brittany Policastro, brought more of the meditative aspect of yoga in the evenings practice; which, for me, totally enhanced the experience.

I don’t practice with her weekly anymore but I take something from the experience onto my mat and into my life everyday. I honestly don’t think she has any idea who I am, nor how much she inspired me but that’s the power of yoga!

Anyway, Brittany used to invite us to set an intention for our practice each evening – whether it be to let go of something from the day or open up to something new, the invitation to purposely set our course was always there.

I have tried to carry this practice of setting intentions beyond my mat and into my daily life. Setting a daily intention allows me to think past myself and often makes my day that much brighter! Make a promise to yourself to take in some sunshine today, reach out to an old friend, ignore the white noise of life, whatever…just make it count!

Intentionally start your day and be inspired!


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