Heaps of Hummus!

Heaps of Hummus!

Looking for a healthy snack packed with protein and flavor? Heap some hearty hummus onto your plate and dive, don’t dip, on in!

Hummus is 50 calories a serving (2 tablespoons) and is far better for your than most dips you’ll sink your favorite snacks into.

Made mostly from chick peas, tahini, extra virgin oil olive, garlic, lemon juice and sesame paste (yep, its that simple), this dip provides omega 3s, calcium, folate and a ton of minerals in a deliciously low fat, high protein snack.

Filling to help you focus, try a few tablespoons with your favorite raw veggies or whole wheat pretzel sticks and you’ll feel satisfied until dinner!

Eat hummus by the heaping helping…enjoy!!


One thought on “Heaps of Hummus!

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