Would it kill you to try?

For better or worse we humans are creatures of habit. There are certainly people for whom this doesn’t apply, but by and large we are comforted by the routines and habitual behaviors of the day to day – security in similarity I guess.

I will try most anything once; however, I’m totally guilty of refusing to branch out when it comes to my routine. Would it kill me to add another yoga class to my schedule, try waking up a little earlier to meditate for a few minutes each morning or blow off a work out for an impromptu day trip to the beach?!? Seems unlikely but I am still pretty hesitant.

Its as if I’m scared the world is going to come spinning down around me if I take my life in a different direction or try something new – crazy right?!

If this resonates with you then try something new this spring. Do something you’ve been afraid to try and see what happens. It could be something small like trying a new recipe or something a little bigger like learning another language – just try!

Whether your ‘something new’ ends up becoming a part of your life or something you never do again, you’ve got to ask yourself…

Would it kill you to try?


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