Go Greek!

Go Greek!

Eating yogurt as part of your regular dietary routine is fantastic for your digestive and immune health!

The new kid on the block, or the newly popular kid on the block, Greek yogurt, is a thicker, creamier and healthier counterpart to its American neighbor.

Here’s the skinny: Greek yogurt is made by skimming the whey from the top of American style yogurt repeatedly. This process cuts the sugar content in half and cuts the calories but concentrates the protein and bacteria, making it that much better for you!

Topping 6oz of non-fat Greek yogurt with flavor bursting blueberries provides vitamin C, antioxidants, bacteria to support intestinal health/fight infection, and 15 grains of protein.

At about 125 calories, this protein packed snack will help keep you full and satisfied all afternoon.

Go Greek…enjoy!!!


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