Its not a sprint…

I struggle with patience. Patience when driving in traffic, patience in my practice, patience in my love life, patience with the pursuit of my goals, patience with the kids, clients and professionals I work with…it seems everything requires the ONE thing I have in short supply.

Whats the rush? Maybe its the athlete in me treating everything like a competition I have to win, or just the desire to see whats next…who knows!

When I find myself getting consumed with impatience, which I assure you rarely happens (cough, cough), I am reminded of a cliche I used to throw around a lot: “Its not a sprint, its a marathon.”

Sure, it was most often used to reference a need for pacing extracurricular activities during the college years, but I have to laugh at how well it applies.

Life is an incredibly long and beautiful journey we can miss out on if we’re so worried about rushing through it. Furthermore, anything worth having in this life takes time and subsequently patience – so slow your roll!

I pray for patience everyday and try to remind myself…its not a sprint!


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