Bake, don’t buy!

Bake, don't buy!

Would you start your day with a Twix bar? How about an almond joy as a pre-workout snack?

While it seems silly to suggest starting your day with candy or fueling up with a chocolate bar, that’s exactly what you’re doing if you turn to store bought protein bars.

Check out the ingredients if you don’t believe me – you’re consuming a protein infused candy bar and you’re not really saving any calories.

Instead of spending a $1 for a glorified candy bar, pick up some protein powder and try making your own. These are chocolate banana protein bars with almond dust and they’re yummy (and under 200 calories a bar)!!

These are just one of the handful of flavors I make but the base is generally the same – protein powder, egg whites, honey, whole wheat flour and almond milk.

Regardless of your flavor preference baking protein bars is insanely easy and gives you a ton of control over what you’re consuming, and more importantly, how much!

Stop the madness and bake, don’t buy…enjoy!!!!


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