Authentically awesome

The Yoga Journal Conference was amazing! The energy was positively infectious, the speakers inspiring and the classes enlightening! The trip definitely affirmed my desire to pursue this path and also confirmed my concerns that this isn’t going to be easy, haha!

The most important thing I took away from the conference would probably be something I already knew – be authentic! There is an immense amount of pressure (perhaps self inflicted) to conform to whatever is popular or mainstream in an effort to be excepted – RESIST!

There is nothing and no one more awesome than you, just as you are! I guess the hard part is knowing who you are and what makes you unique – well, at least for me! I feel as though I am discovering things about myself everyday and the definition of who I am is still being defined…but I digress!

My point is whatever you do, whatever your passion, be true to yourself – keep it authentic and it will always be awesome!


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