Stuff it up!

Stuff it!

Further proving my love of fungus , lunch is a roasted portobello cap stuffed with seared scallops, spinach and topped with aged parmesan.

Portobellos are incredibly healthy in their own right but they make a great vessel for yummy nutrient rich stuffings….and doesn’t it look fancy?!?!

Scallops are mildly sweet, decadent and delicious. They’re also rich in B12, omega 3s, magnesium and potassium. This nutrient packed ocean dweller is amazing for heart health when incorporated regularly into your diet.

Full of vitamins K, C, and E, beta-carotene its not secret spinach is a major superfood! This lovely leaf supports almost every body function you can imagine. Seriously!! Eaten regularly, spinach supports your immune system, your cardiovascular health, skeletal system, brain/nervous system and your skin!

Not only will this impress your friends for dinner or your coworkers at lunch but its easy, healthy and delicious.

Don’t be shy, stuff it up…enjoy!!!


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