Leftover Love

Leftover Love

I am such a sucker for leftovers!!

When I was growing up, wasting food was not an option. Naturally, I still have a hard time throwing anything away. Especially after a gathering or holiday, I make sure anything we don’t finish gets portioned and packaged so everyone can take some home.

While some holiday/special occasion foods are indulgent, I usually make the healthiest possible versions of my favorite foods so as not to feel too guilty and so I can eat the leftovers without throwing off my diet.

For me, the problem with holiday eating isn’t WHAT I am eating, its HOW MUCH of it I am eating!! Consciously portioning my more indulgent leftovers makes for yummy lunches that fit into my everyday diet!

Simply grilled asparagus kissed with lime can be served hot, cold or room temp. and is great for you! Celebration roast – tofu/meatless deliciousness – is ridiculously high in protein and super easy to prepare (don’t be scared!). Yes, that is mac&cheese – gluten free pasta, low fat milk and portioned at 1/4 cup! Sure, lunch is about 500 as opposed to 300-350 but its filling and healthy and satisfying….so maybe no afternoon snack!

Give your leftovers some love….enjoy!!!


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