Keep it light

Why so serious?!?!?

Today is a great day to lighten up and remember you can’t take life too seriously! What better day than April Fool’s to remind yourself life is meant to be enjoyed.

When you find yourself making every little thing the biggest deal, take a step back – is it really that serious??? With all the truly tragic and terrible things that happen around the globe, does it make a ton of sense to flip out when the barista doesn’t get your drink order right? Probably not!

Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place to be serious. We can’t walk around blowing things off, playing practical jokes and fooling around all day long (wouldn’t that be nice!).

Today more than ever, have fun! Don’t let the little things in life become so serious they distract you from the enjoyment of life!

Remember to keep it light!


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