Selfishness is a must!

I spend a decent amount of time trying to make others are happy – whether it be family, friends, clients…whomever – I like to make sure people feel special/important. I can’t say it’s in any way altruistic. I get a sense of joy making sure others are taken care of but sometimes I forget that I need to be taken care of too.

If you’re like me, you often put off the little things you ‘do for you’ when you need to cut something out of your schedule. In my experience, that sense of joy I get when doing for others isn’t as strong when I cut out the little ‘selfish’ things I do for myself.

Don’t neglect your own needs! Make time for your practice, your cardio, your cup of tea/moment zen, your mani/pedi…whatever! When you allow yourself those moments of selfishness you end up being a lot more selfless in your day to day encounters.

You’re important! It’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes…promise!


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