Face Time

Thanks to modern technology, people are more connected than ever. Friends and family from across the globe are able to stay in touch, folks can share their thoughts with the world through a plethora of mediums, but it seems like no one is concerning themselves with face time.

No, I don’t mean the nifty video chat feature on your iphone – I mean actual face to face human interaction.

With my busy schedule I gchat, email, videochat, text and talk on the phone to stay in touch with my friends. Is that enough? When I think about it, I almost never SEE my friends. Even though we ‘speak’ daily (or close to it), I go months without sharing a drink, meal, whatever with certain friends who I feel I am closest with.

While its understandable not to frequently see friends who live in different states, I have friends within walking or driving distance I am lucky to see a couple times a year. Coordinating schedules is tough, but is there honestly a good excuse?

Modern technology is great, don’t get me wrong, but don’t let it replace authentic interaction.  Make time to grab coffee or a bite with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile, plan a weekend trip to visit a friend from out of town – life’s too short!

No virtual medium in the world can replace the feeling evoked by a hug from a friend, someone holding your hand or a kiss on your cheek.

Make face time!


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