Stay Confident

When I was a child, I thought I could conquer the world. My parents built me up to have such self-confidence, pride and power of conviction that I could, no joke, do anything I set my mind to.

Over time, peer pressure, adolescent insecurities, fears and adult responsibilities reduced me from a powerful lioness to a meek little mouse. Truth be told, I am petrified of everything, all the time! I am unsure of myself, my station in life, my ability to love and be loved, my goals…you name it! Do you know what all this fear, insecurity, and lack of confidence has gotten me?!?! GOOSE EGG! NADA! NOTHING! ZERO!

I know its easier said than done but I challenge myself and all of you to stay confident! Trust your instincts, reach for your goals, believe you can achieve the unachievable and don’t stop having confidence in the beauty of your heart! There will always be stumbling blocks in life threatening to shake your core, impede your progress or otherwise mess things up for you! By meeting these challenges with confidence in yourself, there is nothing you can’t overcome!

Keep your head up and don’t stop smiling!!


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