Love or Hate: A Broccoli Story

Love or Hate: A Broccoli Story

No matter which side you’re on, there is no denying the big time benefits from broccoli! Thankfully, I can’t seem to get enough of this green superfood!

Like almost everything, broccoli most nutrient rich in its raw form, but can be eaten in a variety of ways! Broccoli is a low cal, low fat, high fiber, smart carb which provides protein, vitamins A, B, C and K, omega 3, calcium, potassium, beta-carotene and much more.

All of its complex nutrients help give you energy throughout the day, detoxify your body, lower cholesterol, promote skin health and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Whether you’re on the broccoli bandwagon or not, its a great vegetable to try and incorporate into your diet!

*Try steaming some lightly and squeezing a little lemon over top if you’re not the biggest fan of the flavor but are still looking for a boost in your diet*


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