Let it go

Holding onto the angers and frustrations of life can slowly suffocate you. Think of each little annoyance you harp or hold onto as an injection of a lethal drug slowly building up inside you…sooner or later it’ll kill you.

In my life, I sometimes allow the little things in my day to build up…and let me tell you, I’m like a deadly time bomb – it’s not pretty!!

Whenever this happens, I unroll my mat, have a seat and close my eyes. With each deep breath I feel my days frustrations sink into the floor. By the time I come to stand for my first sun salutation and feel the air powerfully fill my lungs, the day has completely melted away and I feel light and free again.

This spring, try to let go of life’s stress in whatever way works for you and enjoy how much lighter you feel…Namaste!


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