Yoga Power

Like many individuals around the world, I suffer from lower back pain. I was in a car accident that left me unable to do most of the physical activities I very much enjoy – bummer!

I had always messed around with yoga here and there but never really made a practice of it. With my activities limited, I took my physical therapists recommendation and decided to get into a regular yoga routine.

I intended to ease into it but found myself quickly consumed by the way practicing yoga felt. There is something truly powerful that happens when I step on the mat that I can’t quite explain. Don’t get me wrong, some things hurt more than others but I always listen to my body and choose the pose variations that are right for me. I have never felt stronger or more powerful in my life!

I still have back pain everyday but I have found a way to try and move past it through my yoga practice. Whether you’re a veteran, a novice or never tried yoga before, I encourage you to roll out your mat today and see just how powerful you are!



Keep it simple!

When it comes to eating healthfully, I am a firm believer in keeping it simple! Great food doesn’t need filler or additives because its deliciously good for you all on its own. While I love experimenting with foods, making new recipes and exploring different culinary concepts, there is something to be said for the simplicity of eating foods just as they are.

Why make things complicated? Need a healthy, nutrient rich, protein packed, energy boosting snack? Little beats a fresh apple (pink lady apples are my personal favorite) and raw almonds!

Don’t over think it when it comes to eating healthy – keep it simple and it will always be simply delicious!