Healthy Habits

As is evident from the sparse page, I am very new at this! I realized after my first three posts I made the assumption everyone knew exactly what I was trying to accomplish through my blog- silly me!

In a world of “thin is in” and fad diets galore, its so easy to get sucked in! I will admit through my late teens and early twenties, I totally subscribed to the hype – I crash dieted, deprived my body of fuel constantly, smoked like a chimney to fight hunger pains and thought I looked fabulous! Reality: I was turning yellow (jaundice from malnutrition), I smelled awful from smoking so much and my physical activity (former athlete) had been reduced to dancing at night and walking around during the day.

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for me to snap out of it! With a swift reality check from my family (mostly my little brother who has no problem telling me EXACTLY what he thinks), I got myself back into the proper mindset.

Today, my life is dedicated to healthy habits! I am honored to have the chance to work with developing athletes in my spare time and take my job as a healthy role model very seriously!

I recently made the decision to pursue my passions as a career. This blog will serve as a way to chronicle my journey as well as share some of my favorite food, fitness and inspirational thoughts with whomever will listen! I want to inspire young athletes to reach their greatest potential, to love themselves and understand what leading a healthy lifestyle really means!

I will leave you with this…there is no diet around as effective as a healthy lifestyle!


5 thoughts on “Healthy Habits

  1. So glad my girls are being trained by someone smart funny and beautiful like you!!! I can’t wait to keep reading

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